The security features in correctional facilities can be complex, and include numerous security systems that must work together seamlessly to protect staff, inmates, visitors, and the community at large. Our correctional experts have worked closely with well over 30 different adult and youth correctional facilities, honing their expertise when it comes to the operational requirements of any corrections facility.

Our industry knowledge and leading technology will not only enhance your staff’s ability to operate a secure facility, it will also work as a proven tool to aid in inmate rehabilitation—such as the use of inmate tablets.

Our goal is to provide you with a solution that instils confidence across the board by designing unique security solutions that integrate all security systems and facilitate control and monitoring. You can trust our robust solutions, which come with multiple redundancies and provide the kind of reliability you require to run a correctional facility with confidence and ease.

Maplehurst Correctional Centre and Vanier Correctional Centre

This project involved major security upgrades to two maximum-security, 1,800-bed correctional facilities. The facilities are a combination of remand centre and correctional facility, consisting of various units, including POD-style units, segregation units, general population, protective population, program space, infirmary, kitchen cook-chill system, and laundry.

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Toronto South Detention Centre

Major security upgrades were made to the maximum-security, 2,000-bed detention facility, which is a remand centre consisting of direct and indirect supervision units. The facility consists of eight storeys with various units, such as segregation units, general population, protective population, special handling, mental health, program space, infirmary, kitchen, laundry, and stores.

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South West Detention Centre

This project involved the design and construction of a new maximum-security, 315-bed, 200,000-sq. ft. correctional facility. The facility was delivered as a P3 (Design-Build-Finance-Maintain) model that can accommodate both male and female offenders. This state-of-the-art detention centre includes all support spaces, including kitchen, infirmary, receiving/stores, laundry, full gymnasium, and administrative and staff spaces.

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Central North Correctional Centre

This project involved major security upgrades for a maximum-security, 1,200-bed facility. The goal was to provide 100% coverage of the facility, while enhancing security to provide officers with tools to protect the safety of the inmates and staff.

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Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre

This project involved renovations to the front lobby and control rooms and major security upgrades for the existing 450-bed maximum security correctional facility.

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