Lobo offers a comprehensive range of services to assess your security posture, as well as identify where improvements and upgrades can be made to reduce exposure and minimize vulnerability to threats, ensuring you have full confidence in the protection of your assets. 

Our consultants examine life safety, physical security, technology, criminal and terrorist related issues affecting an organization’s operations. Our experience and expertise in physical security, security management and counter-terrorism, allows us to mobilize the right professionals with the necessary skills to complete the project.

  • Risk Management: Our experts conduct Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA) utilizing advanced, specialized and performance-based, industry-specific methodologies to identify crime risk, liability and adverse opportunities to exploit the safety and security of facilities and assets. Risk modeling, detailed analysis and comprehensive reporting provide credible and cost effective recommendations and strategies that decision makers can utilize to mitigate threats and reduce risk. Techniques and concepts such as Harmonized Threat Risk Methodologies (HTRA) and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) combined with decades of experience in diverse environments are the foundation of our consultants’ evaluations. 
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED): A CPTED audit can be conducted on new and existing facilities, as well as development projects, in order to assess crime prevention options and propose detailed recommendations and strategies.
  • Security Management: Through security audits and assessments, we evaluate existing Security Force Optimization and can facilitate the creation of Policy & Procedures, Specification & Standards and the development of the components of an effective Security Program. An evaluation of an existing security posture is focused on the reduction of liability exposure with recommendations for reasonable and cost-effective measures. Our corporate security experience across all vertical markets enable our consultants to provide knowledgeable, customized solutions to our clients. Come away with complete confidence in your institution’s security features through our Physical Security Audit & Assessments plus a Study of Existing Security Posture. Then we’ll work closely with you to develop and implement a personalized security program, or upgrade your existing one.
  • Emergency Management: Lobo’s team is experienced in the design, development and implementation of emergency management systems for clients in the most complex and high-risk environments. Experts in Crisis and Incident Planning & Management, Event Planning, COOP (Continuity of Operations Planning), Specialized Security Operational Command, and Active Shooter are capable of developing and/or reviewing all-hazards and hazard-specific plans for events that could potentially challenge the ability of an organization to effectively respond.
  • Technical Security Countermeasures Detection (TSCM): Lobo specialists go over your facility, event or meeting and carefully assess & scan (sweeps) for devices capable of communications intercepts and transmission used for video, audio and data interception (bugs). Passive monitoring activities prior to the event or meeting or a thorough sweep as required to locate and identify security vulnerabilities and similar security risks of acoustic leakage to prevent the potential damaging effect of the release of highly sensitive information.

Town of Ajax

The project’s key objectives included reviewing existing conditions and to provide recommendations, including a master plan and class c estimate for the Town of Ajax in the development of its corporate security structure and program.

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University Health Network (UHN)

This project included providing an overview and analysis of the existing security systems, technology and physical security program in place across eight UHN sites including Toronto General Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto Rehab (University Centre, Lyndhurst Centre, Bickle Centre, Rumsey Centre) and Michener Institute.

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Toronto Police Services

This was a detailed security audit of all Toronto Police Service (TPS) facilities—the largest municipal police service in Canada—including divisions and headquarters.

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This project included performing a comprehensive study of technical, tactical and strategic aspects of the gun-port in armoured vehicles, in order to evaluate the risks and stakes for the company, the employees and the public; both if a vehicle is equipped with a gun-port or not. Additionally, to review current training levels and evaluate the type of training required if the vehicles are equipped with gun-ports.

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