Toronto South Detention Centre
Toronto, Ontario
Value of Project
$5,000,000 (Security)
Services Provided
Security Engineering

Upgrading a detention facility while in full operation

Major security upgrades were made to the maximum-security, 2,000-bed detention facility, which is a remand centre consisting of direct and indirect supervision units. The facility consists of eight storeys with various units, such as segregation units, general population, protective population, special handling, mental health, program space, infirmary, kitchen, laundry, and stores.

Upgraded security systems include:

  • A Touchscreen Control System that integrates all security systems into one for control and monitoring, such as Door Control, Video Surveillance, Duress Alarm, Personal Duress Alarm, Intercom, Watchtour, Perimeter Security, and more
  • Detention Door Control (1,000+ doors)
  • IP Video Surveillance (1,400+ cameras)
  • Access Control

The security systems were implemented while the facility was operational. The existing systems had to be fully functional until the new systems were incorporated to ensure no downtime, as security systems are critical to the facility’s operations.