In large organizations, government bodies, and other institutions, ensuring consistent security and safety requires a comprehensive set of parameters that can be followed and respected across the board. Lobo specializes in the development of Standards & Guidelines that detail the full requirements of any given security solution to ensure compliance and standardization.

We start by gathering data about your current security system, meeting with your representatives, interviewing your security specialists, and determining which measures work and which don’t. Once we gather all the details, our Lobo experts will sit down to assemble your security Standards & Guidelines—a key resource for highlighting current issues, implementing solutions, training new employees, helping personnel who rotate between facilities, and more. It’s a process that’s been carefully designed to instil the confidence that comes from a solid security solution.

A Standards & Guidelines document includes:

  • Descriptions of all systems
  • Specific system requirements
  • Performance requirements
  • Technology used and comparable products
  • Manufacturer names and model numbers
  • Additional details based on your requirements