Central North Correctional Centre
Penetanguishene, Ontario
Value of Project
$12,000,000 (Security)
Services Provided
Security Engineering

Phasing in a new security system

This project involved major security upgrades for a maximum-security, 1,200-bed facility. The goal was to provide 100% coverage of the facility, while enhancing security to provide officers with tools to protect the safety of the inmates and staff.

Lobo implemented:

  • A new touchscreen to control the integrated security system based on new MCSCS Security Standards. The system integrates 10 security sub-systems and numerous building systems (power, water, BAS, telephones)
  • New HMI to enhance operator monitoring, control efficiency, and minimize response time for security-related incidents
  • New PLCs with built-in redundancies to replace the old ones
  • A new IP-based upgraded video surveillance system, consisting of 1,000+ high resolution cameras 
  • A new Personal Alarm Locating system to enhance officer safety
  • A new cell call system to allow inmates to request assistance from officers
  • A new watchtour system to provide enhanced features when performing guard tours

A well-thought-out phasing plan ensured minimal downtime during the transition period to the new systems, which allowed the security systems to be upgraded while the facility was fully operational.