Colin Lobo, P.Eng.


Areas of Expertise:
Correctional Facilities, Courthouse Facilities, Police Facilities

Colin is the President at Lobo Consulting Services Inc., and has been at the forefront of providing customized security solutions for institutions and businesses for over 15 years. He also heads the company’s Justice division, and has extensive experience in current practices and future trends for the correctional facility security industry.

Colin is a member of numerous professional organizations, including Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), Canadian Security Association (CANASA), and American Jail Association (AJA)—all of which keep him constantly in the loop about issues facing correctional institutions today.

As part of his task load at Lobo, Colin has worked on such notable projects as the Maplehurst Correctional Centre, Thunder Bay Consolidated Courthouse, Niagara Police Headquarters, and 361 University Ave – Toronto Courthouse. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and has appeared in various articles and news programs to share his extensive knowledge of security solutions.