Niagara Regional Police Service Headquarters
Niagara, Ontario
Value of Project
$65,000,000 (Construction)
Services Provided
Security Engineering

Designing tomorrow’s police headquarters today

This project included the design and construction of the new Niagara Police Headquarters building. The three-storey, 210,000 sqft building consolidated numerous police departments, including emergency services, special investigation services, major crimes units, and operational support. The building also contained a state-of-the-art 911 and communication centre as well as a detention area with 43 holding cells.

Lobo incorporated the following security systems:

  • IP Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intercom, Duress Alarm, Watchtour, Touchscreen Control, and Detention Door Control
  • A touchscreen control system integrating numerous security systems for control and monitoring
  • A state-of-the-art command centre to monitor cameras and incidents throughout the Niagara region for quick response