Town of Ajax
Ajax, Ontario
Services Provided
Security Management and Security Engineering

Protecting government staff, visitors and the community

The project’s key objectives included reviewing existing conditions, technology, systems and to provide recommendations, including a master plan and class C estimate for the Town of Ajax in the development of its corporate security technology, structure and program. Review current conditions for new, unmitigated threats, risks and vulnerabilities, as well as present recommendations for appropriate security measures and procedures to close the gap for physical and technological security standards.

Lobo’s activities included:

  • Reviewing the existing systems, technology, site conditions, to establish risk determination level
  • Reviewing security incident history at Town of Ajax facilities to understand the issues that have been experienced
  • Performing detailed site investigations under day & night conditions, in various diverse environments and departments where the existing conditions, equipment and systems were reviewed and assessed
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews with staff whom are direct & indirect users of security systems
  • Conducting research & analyses of the current & previous demographic conditions and consultation with local law enforcement and community sources ensuring recommendations are accurate and realistic
  • Preparation of a comprehensive security audit report, detailing all findings from the site investigations and assessments validating remedial actions and providing recommendations for overcoming identified security issues and concerns, including design elements, technology, and operations
  • Providing cost consulting support and budget estimates in an effort to close the gap