Grenville & William Davis Courthouse
Brampton, Ontario
Value of Project
$6,000,000 (Security)
Services Provided
Security Engineering

Creating a fully integrated system for superior control in a high-volume courthouse

This project included upgrades to the existing six storey, 400,000 sqft courthouse. The existing control room was renovated to allow for better ergonomics and monitoring efficiencies of the security systems. Due to the high volume of people entering the courthouse, the front entrance was renovated to allow for better movement and incorporation of a security screening system.  

Lobo’s security system included: 

  • A touchscreen control system to monitor and control all security sub-systems
  • Remotely controlled cells and circulation doors within the prisoner holding area
  • A fully integrated system that allows for ease of monitoring and superior control capabilities
  • A new IP video surveillance system consisting of approximately 600 high resolution cameras
  • A new enterprise level access control system throughout the courthouse
  • A new duress alarm system throughout the detention area to allow police to easily summon for assistance
  • A new intercom system
  • A new security screening system consisting of walk-through magnetometers, x-ray machines and optical portals for staff bypass

All security systems were integrated on the touchscreen control system.