Trevor Neely, CPP, ICPS, CSPM


Area of Expertise:
Security & Risk Management

Trevor is Director of Lobo Consulting Services Inc.’s Security & Risk Management Division with over 30 years of experience from all aspects of physical, electronic, corporate security and law enforcement. He has extensive experience in the implementation of physical and electronic security technology, and project management in almost every vertical market from: corporate, commercial real estate, transportation, healthcare, education to law enforcement, corrections and judicial and all levels of government.

Trevor is a holder of the coveted CPP from ASIS International, considered the ‘gold standard’ certification and globally recognized standard of excellence for security management professionals, and has CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) Advanced Level II designation. He is also a member of ISCPP (International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners), designated as an ICPS (International Crime Prevention Specialist). Trevor was trained in the (RCMP) HTRA (Harmonized Threat Risk Assessment) Methodologies.