All journeys come with risks. Whether transporting goods or our loved ones and whether by road, rail or air, Lobo can help you ensure a safe and secure journey to your destination. Our design solutions for transportation infrastructure and operations are tailored to address the unique requirements of the transportation industry.
Let Lobo help optimize the safety and security of your transportation infrastructure and operations with custom security solutions that incorporate vehicular and pedestrian access control, license plate and smart analytics, video surveillance, intercommunications and whatever else is needed to secure the journey.


Blue Water Bridge

Assessment and recommendations for modernizing the existing video surveillance system of this extensive site followed by design and engineering

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This project included performing a comprehensive study of technical, tactical and strategic aspects of the gun-port in armoured vehicles, in order to evaluate the risks and stakes for the company, the employees and the public; both if a vehicle is equipped with a gun-port or not. Additionally, to review current training levels and evaluate the type of training required if the vehicles are equipped with gun-ports.

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